Hi, my name is Jason Hughes and I’m the founder of this site.

I created TheseWiseFeet.Com in 2017 to share with the world how I healed my damaged feet. 

Being an athlete all my life, my feet have gone through hours of abuse. 

I put my feet in what I thought were the best shoes on the market, only to come out disappointed. 

Shoes barely lasted 4-months and my feet came out destroyed. 

By the end of my athletic career I had plantar fasciitis on my right foot and a severe bunion on the left.

From being on my feet all the time, I could barely walk. 

I visited several podiatrists who suggested surgery for both my bunion and heel pain. I was slightly skeptical of their prescriptions.

So I scoured the internet in search of any information to aid my cause. I studied my feet and decided to document the course of my recovery. 

I have since reversed my bunion, cured my heel pain, increased my ankle mobility and built the arches of my feet.  

Being a mechanical engineer by education, I was easily able to understand the inner workings of my feet, while also studying footwear and the bio-mechanics necessary for realignment. 

The goal of this website is to piece together the best information on foot-care, so everyone can live a pain free life. 

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Very useful tips and taping instructions. In addition to some metatarsal issues that have been cropping up I have been re-building the arches of my feet.

  2. Hi Jason,

    I’ve come across your website as I’ve been researching Capsulitis of the second toe. I’ve had a swollen toe for the last three weeks and I’m keen to do something now before it get’s worse. I have an appointment at my doctors but that isn’t until the end of this month, which is quite long when you are in pain. I would like to try your taping method in the meantime, to see if it can help keep the toe straight. I’ve taken Ibuprofen for the last week to try and treat the inflammation but it hasn’t really helped. The pain and inflammation is between the second and third toe (so not towards the big toe) and I have these small lumps on the back of the toe just above the ball of my foot. At the moment it mainly feels like I’ve got a bunched up sock behind my toes and the area feels slightly swollen. I can still walk on it, but I am desperate to try and make it better before it get’s worse as I want to avoid any potential surgery or injections. Thanks for your help in advance!


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